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Install Rockchip tf tools

Option one: balenaEtcher

  • Download the flash tool etcher. Choose the right version for your host operation system. Here we operate on host windows11.
  • we run the tool by double-clicking BalenaEtcher icon.
  • In the etcher window, click Select image.


  • In the etcher window, click Select Drive.

BalenaEtcher device

  • In the etcher window, click Flash.

BalenaEtcher run

  • In the etcher window, once it shows us Flash Complete! It is done and can be put into the ArmSoM.

BalenaEtcher success

Option two: Rockchip SDDiskTool

  • Download Rockchip_SDDiskTool(tool->windows->SDDiskTool_v1.72)
  • Run SD_Firmware_Tool, check the “SD Boot”box and select the correct removable disk device
  • Choose firmware image

Rockchip upgrade disk tool sdboot

  • then Click Create button to make it and wait until it is finshed

Rockchip upgrade disk tool writing

  • If the Create fails, try click Restore button,then click Create

Rockchip upgrade disk tool success

NOTE: make sure emmc is empty, you must erase it if flashed before. We recommend that use emmc for android boot because it is faster and more stable.