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Install Rockchip flashing tools

ArmSoM supports maskrom mode, which is a special operation mode for CPU to wait for command from USB OTG port. The Linux/macOS PC tool we use to communicate with ArmSoM in maskrom mode are Linux_Upgrade_Tool on Linux/macOS PC and RKDevTool on Windows PC.

Option one: RKDevTool on Windows

Step 1:Install driver

Using the RK driver assistant tool to install the driver.

There’s no need to connect your Rockchip device during this procedure just download and extract>windows->

RK Driver Assistant Install

Then double click on DriverInstall.exe in the RKDriverAssistant directory to start the utility. If you installed the Rockchip USB drivers for any other Rockchip devices already, make sure you click “Uninstall Driver” first.

Step 2:Install RKDevTool

Download RKDevTool (tool->windows->RKDevTool)

This tool defaults language is Chinese. you can change it to English after extract the package. Open RKDevTool_Release_v2.96/config.ini with an text editor (like notepad). The starting lines are:

#Language Selection: Selected=1(Chinese); Selected=2(English)

Open RKDevTool.exe, Switch to the “upgrade firmware” page. Press the “firmware” button to open the image file to be upgraded. The upgrade tool displays detailed firmware information.


Step 3:upgrade image

Disconnect power adapter, connect dual male usb cable from the typec port to PC.

There have two usb download mode for image upgrade.

  • Uboot Usb Download Mode (loader mode)

It's supposed to use this way if board already flashed a bootable uboot before.

  • Maskrom Usb Download Mode(maskrom mode)

Press the Recovery button or Maskrom button beside 3pin uart header and hold, connect the power adapter or press the RST button if power adapter already connected, about two seconds later, release the button. PC will Identify the device if RK usb driver installed correctly.

If you are sure that the driver has been installed successfully, but the device is still not found at the bottom of the burning tool page, you can try restarting the computer to test.

Windows device manage

The download tool also show the download mode if device connected.

RKDevTool loader RKDevtool maskrom

Press the “upgrade” button to start the upgrade.

If the upgrade fails, you can try to erase the Emmc by pressing the EraseFlash button first, and then upgrade image again.

Option two: Linux USB Download Tool on Linux (X86 or ARM)

Step 1:Download Linux USB Download Tool

Download Linux_Upgrade_Tool(tool->linux->Linux_Upgrade_Tool), And install it into the system as follows commands:

$ unzip
$ cd Linux_UpgradeTool_xxxx
$ sudo mv upgrade_tool /usr/local/bin
$ sudo chown root:root /usr/local/bin/upgrade_tool
$ sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/upgrade_tool

Check the windows download processes, enter the right usb download mode and upgrade image firmware with this command:

$ sudo upgrade_tool uf update.img

If the upgrade fails, try erasing the emmc and upgrade again.

$ sudo upgrade_tool ef update.img
# upgrade again
$ sudo upgrade_tool uf update.img

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