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interface use

How to use serial console

Step 1: Installing the serial port driver

Serial port drivers are used by ch340, Here provides a ch340 driven links to ch340 driven, you can download and install to the system you use.

Step 2: Serial console

Connect USB to TTL serial cable in the following way

ArmSoM-p2pro USB to TTL cable


Step 3: Serial setting on host PC

The default serial setting for ArmSoM-p2pro u-boot and kernel console is:

baudrate: 1500000
data bit: 8
stop bit: 1
parity  : none
flow control: none

Xshell is a nice serial port tool that supports a wide range of baud rates. Plug the USB to TTL cable into your windows PC. Look in the device manager to find the COM number Start Xshell. And set as follows: For the session category, set the serial port to COM*, speed to 1500000, and connection type to Serial. Write the session name in the Saved Sessions column and press Save